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Sophia's Heart is currently looking for volunteers nationwide. There are so many ways to get involved and you don't have to be local.  For more information about volunteering email our volunteer coordinator at for more details.

Volunteer's Voice: Sophia's Heart Volunteers Share Their Experiences

Dan & Elaine Schuler                    
Occasionally in life we are fortunate enough to meet people whose light shines so bright that it illuminates the path of those around them. Well meet Daniel (Dan) and Elaine Schuler. They have definitely been a beacon of light amongst the families and staff at Sophia’s Heart since they arrived by way of their own life tragedy.  In November 2013, the Schuler’s lost their home and most of its contents to a blazing fire. After arriving at Sophia’s Heart the Schulers rolled up their sleeves and began offering assistance where ever they were needed. Now they are leading the Leaders In Training program. Thanks Dan and Elaine!

Sophia’s Heart and Popular Nashville Hair Stylist Raise Funds to Build Salon for Homeless
Nashville, TN- Nashville hair stylist and business owner, Jessica Oram, is teaming with Sophia’s Heart to open an in-house beauty salon for homeless families to receive free services.  Oram, who owns Jessica Oram Salon in Belle Meade, says she began volunteering at Sophia’s Heart a year ago to help families rebuild their self-image as they work to rebuild other areas of their lives.  Once she got involved she knew she wanted to do more.  Now she’s leading the effort to raise funds to build a beauty salon right on the premises that will provide cuts, color, styles, manicures and pedicures for men, women and children experiencing homelessness.

Oram says she enjoys providing free image building services to clients who might not otherwise be able to afford them. “My goal as a stylist is to use my gifts to enhance a person’s outward beauty while reminding them that true beauty starts on the inside,” says Oram.  “I want to build a career doing people’s hair and leaving an imprint on their hearts.”  Oram says she loves using her talents to help people become all they were created to be.

Sophia’s Heart Executive Director, Clifton Harris says having no home of any kind makes it difficult for individuals to get the proper rest, nutrition, and daily hygiene they need.  Sophia’s Heart helps families meet those needs. “We now have the opportunity to help families enhance their overall appearance, thus enhancing their image and self-esteem,” he says.  “This service will allow individuals to feel better, and when people feel better, they do better,” says Harris.     

Oram’s goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of the year.  If you are interested in donating to Sophia’s Heart’s “From Ashes to Beauty Hair Salon” please go to the website to make a donation at
and indicate in the donation field that the funds are designated for the “From Ashes to Beauty Hair Salon” or mail your contribution to 2479 Murfreesboro Rd., #515 Nashville, TN 37217.  Donations are tax deductable.

About Jessica: Jessica Oram is a highly talented stylist who built a large and faithful clientele while practicing for nearly five years in a busy high-end Aveda salon in Nashville, TN. Jessica completed cosmetology school in 2008 and received specialized training with some of the industry’s top professionals from the Aveda Education Center, including Michael Baker and David Adams. Jessica is passionate about color and is experienced and talented with resistant grey coverage, texturizing techniques, and extensions. Jessica works with many color lines, including, Aveda, Redken and the all-natural Italian color, Davines. Jessica is certified in Brazilian blowout which she also carries, along with the all natural brand, Eufora. Clients in Jessica Oram’s chair receive a thorough, in-depth consultation in which she works to create an individualized style to meet client’s needs.   The Jessica Oram Salon was established in February, 2013 after Jessica decided to branch out on her own to give clients the best service possible, with more flexibility, and individualized attention. She also wanted to dedicate more time to volunteering and giving back to her community.  A goal she is now able to achieve through her work with agencies like Sophia’s Heart.



My Life at Sophia's Heart
I first came to Sophia's Heart towards the end of 2012. l have a heart for helping people and volunteering, and felt drawn to the ministry here and what they do to help families turn their lives around. During 2013 I would visit here 1-2x a week to help out with whatever was needed... cooking, office work, yard work etc. I loved being there, helping out, and getting involved with the families.  In the summer of 2013 I felt in my heart that I would like to take the step to be a full-time live-in volunteer.

At first I came up with lots of great execuses, but I knew in my heart that this was where I wanted to be and where God wanted me to be at the time. So in the fall of 2013 I moved into Sophia's Heart...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

No two days are ever the same here and there's nothing like having a great big family, made up of many different families, each one unique, each one amazing in their own special way, each one with different stories to tell.  I love each and every day that I have spent here. Every day I learn more and more to look outside of myself, to focus on others instead of me, to see the world and circumstances through others' lives instead of my own. And each and every day, I see and learn so very much through the residents.

There will never be a day in my life better than a day where I have truly made a difference in someone else's life! And living here, I am given that opportunity every single day. --Rachel Cesario

Meet Hannah Breaux, A Twenty-four Year Old ‘Rajun Cajun’ From Southern Louisiana
At the young age of fifteen Hannah's dream was to provide housing for homeless families and restore hope to the hopeless.  Hannah's dream led her halfway around the world to South Africa for a 9-month mission trip. But when Hannah found out about Sophia's Heart and the need for live-in volunteers she knew she had found a way to fulfill her dream in her very own backyard.  Home, fresh from the mission fields, Hannah jumped at the opportunity. For the past 5 weeks she has been serving at Sophia's Heart tirelessly. Hannah helps with the children’s programs, acts as a project manager for large volunteer groups, prepares rooms for new families and most importantly builds relationships with families by speaking life to them, and restoring hope just as she dreamed of at the age of fifteen.


♥ Meet Pam A Sophia's Heart Volunteer Who Says 'Through Volunteer Work My Blessing Began'

In February of 2010 I lost my best friend, who was like a sister, to brain cancer. A couple of months after her passing, God laid the words non-profit organization on my heart. At first I thought the lord was telling me to start one in her memory. But while continuing to pray, and asking my neighbors to pray as well, they felt I should look into an already established non-profit that aimed to help others.

In March, while surfing the radio stations, I heard a song called My Best Days and was immediately drawn to the positive message in the lyrics. I wondered who the artist was. The DJ announced that the artist was Danny Gokey. So I went to his official fan club site and found Sophia's Heart.

In May, when the flood happened, SHF opened a flood relief center near the community where I live. I felt lead to take a donation of food and water to the center. I begin to talk to two gentlemen who were helping at the center. Little did I know at the time these men played a vital role in operating the Nashville branch of Sophia’s Heart.

Two weeks later after revisiting the Sophia's Heart website God confirmed that this non-profit organization was where I needed to plant my feet to help others. I then made the call and had a meeting with the director. Now the blessing for me begins. As I get to participate in my passion of helping others.

One of my first assignments as a volunteer for Sophia's Heart was the Hickory Hollow Family Night Event on August 3, 2010. This was the second public performance for the SHF Nashville Contemporary Children’s Choir. Part of my job, as a volunteer for this event, was to distribute bottled water and hand towels to the children before they performed. I also photographed their performance during this event. 

As I watched the children perform, I observed in their eyes and heard in their voices a confidence of hope that had been restored. The love and compassion shown by SHF staff members, volunteers and through the music and arts programs all contributes to making this happen. I share in the vision of Sophia’s Heart and feel very blessed to volunteer my time in helping this vision become a reality.