Sophia's Heart Music and Video / Audio Recording Program Provides Unique Performance and Music Production Experiences Across Greater Milwaukee

Our Mission:
To reach our goal of Inspiring children's minds through music and arts; Helping families succeed through interventions; and restoring hope to our communities. Sophia's Heart Music and Arts After School Program combines music and arts in a technologically advanced, mainstream and culturally relevant manner. Our hope is to draw in children and youth and begin to address broader family needs as we reach their children. Our goal is to provide middle to high school aged students an opportunity to participate in after school programs in the areas of contemporary vocal & dance, audio and video recording & engineering and other performing arts training classes. Rehearsals and program instruction takes place at our Sophia's Heart office in the Grand Ave Mall, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave, 2nd Floor (Above TM Maxx)- Downtown Milwaukee.

Program Overview:
Sophia's Heart After School Music and Arts Program is dedicated to serving youth in 6th - 12th grade. Students engage in music performance or video and audio recording and engineering activities using appropriate Billboard Top 20 Pop Songs. Music is selected based on its' positive message or entertainment appeal to audiences and singers, maintaining age appropriate lyrics and musical practicality for a singing group. Students commit to rehearsals, contribute to creating vocals and choreography used for performance opportunities across the Greater Milwaukee area.

The Video and Audio Recording portion of the program allows students to engage in a hands on exploration of the 'other side' of the music industry such as film and production, editing and video recording. Students work together in coordinating video scripts, setting scenes, recording performances, and learning unique techniques using studio quality equipment and software that will prepare them for future career choices.

The program is free to join and transportation assistance is available to all participants. Students meet 2-times per week during the academic year and during the summer. Performance and production opportunities are provided on an ongoing basis to allow participants to showcase skills and occassionaly require additional participation hours.

Are you interested in being a part of the Sophia's Heart Music and Arts Program? We are now enrolling in both Music Performance and Video/Audio Recording programs. Enrollment is FREE and open to all 6th-12th grade Milwaukee students. Please send an email to or contact us at 720.508.9996 for more information on how to join our program!

Become a Supporter:
If you are interested in donating, partnering or booking the Sophia's Heart Choir for an upcoming event, please contact our Executive Director, Lakesha Jones at 720.508.9996 or via email at