Upcoming Kids of Sophia's Heart Activities & Schedules
Monday, 5/12 - The Milwaukee Urban League - National Achievers Society Induction Ceremony
Saturday, 5/17 - Heartlove Place - Red Tie Gala
Sunday, 5/18 - Milwaukee Art Museum: Kohl's Art Generation Family Sunday's: Off the Wall, 2pm
Tuesday, 6/10 - Milwaukee County Golden Idol Talent Contest, 2-4pm American Serb Hall
Tuesday, 6/24 - Camp Hometown Heroes - Campbellsport, WI
Tuesday, 7/8 - Direct Supply Company Picnic - Noon
Saturday, 9/6 - 1-4pm  Wauwatosa
Saturday, 11/1 - Sophia's Heart Gala - Milwaukee Rite Center

If you are interested in booking the Sophia's Heart Choir for an upcoming event, please contact our Program Director, Jeff Krumbein at 414-333-9211 or via email at jvkmusic@yahoo.com.

Our Mission:
To reach our goal of Inspiring children's minds through music and arts; Helping families succeed through interventions; and restoring hope to our communities. Sophia's Heart is working towards establishing centers nationwide that combine Music and Arts in a technologically advanced, mainstream and culturally relevant manner.  Our hope is to draw in children and youth and begin to address broader family needs as we reach their children. Our goal is to provide Middle to High School aged students an opportunity to participate in after school programs in the areas of Contemporary Vocal & Dance, Audio and Video Recording & Engineering and other performing arts training classes. We successfully launched our first program in Milwaukee and the program continues to expand and grow with rehearsals and program instruction taking place at our Sophia's Heart office in the Grand Ave Mall, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave, 2nd Floor (Above TM Maxx)- Downtown Milwaukee.

Please contact Jeff Krumbein if you have any questions or need additional information about the program.


Sophia's Heart conducts auditions for the Choir & Dance Programs 4 times per year in the fall, winter, spring & summer.  For the Audio & Visual Program, interviews are conducted 4 times per year in the fall, winter, spring & summer.  Drop in auditions are available during any after-school program time, please contact Jeff Krumbein at 414-333-9211 or jvkmusic@yahoo.com.