Sophia's Heart

If you suddenly lost your job or home, where would you go?  Have you ever thought about the possibility of you or a loved one being homeless?  All it takes is the loss of a job, illness, or unexpected life changing event and it could be any one of us.


Our History.
In 2008, Sophia’s Heart was established in Antioch to provide flood relief for victims of the historical May flood. The Antioch flood relief center provided food, clothing, clean water, and supplies to flood victims.  After 4 months of flood relief efforts, a 77,000 square foot hospital building located in East Nashville was donated to Sophia’s Heart where families experiencing homelessness have a place to go for six months to a year, receiving job and life-skills training, counseling, and education with the end goal of acquiring permanent housing and becoming self-sufficient. 



Did You Know?
Families experiencing homelessness need agencies like Sophia's Heart because on any given night about 4,000 individuals including 2,000 children are reported homeless in Nashville. 



Who We Are. What We Do.
Sophia’s Heart provides free transitional housing in Nashville to families experiencing homelessness.  Its individualized comprehensive treatment program includes:

      Financial management (personal savings and budgeting)

      Educational classes (tutoring and parenting classes, GED referral, etc.)

      Family engagement (anger management, conflict resolution, marriage counseling, etc.)

      Career assistance (exploration of different career options, life skills development, resume building,
   and job search assistance)

      Spiritual enrichment (personal development and image consulting)


When families are ready to leave the program, Sophia's Heart collaborates with other community partners to provide the best possible solutions for those families to secure affordable housing. 

You might ask yourself, “What can I do to help homeless families in Nashville?”  Here’s how… partner with Sophia’s Heart and help us reach our goal.


Our Goal...

Currently Sophia’s Heart is providing transitional housing for 11 families and there are many more families waiting to be helped. It is our desire to expand the program to accommodate up to 50 families at a time. At full capacity, Sophia’s Heart will house up to 150 families per year; approximately 100 adults and as many as 150 children!  This provides assistance to nearly 8% of the reported homeless children population in Nashville each year!  We need your help to do this. 

There are many ways to get involved…

To make a donation go to:


Mail your donation to: Sophia’s Heart, 2479 Murfreesboro Rd., #515, Nashville, TN 37217. All donations are tax deductible. 

To volunteer go to :


To see our 'Needs List' for additional ways you can help: Ways You Can Help(1).pdf


Based on availability of funding, Sophia’s Heart can assist up to 250 individuals a year, including men, women and children.

Within the “homeless” arena throughout Nashville, Sophia’s Heart’s is atypical. Unlike other assistance programs that provide temporary shelter, Sophia’s Heart has the capacity to keep family members intact while offering structured programming and assistance; so often family members end up in separate facilities, disconnected from each other and unable to maintain the family unit.  According to the 2012 Housing Inventory report, out of the 2,941 beds made available throughout Nashville, only one service organization outside of Sophia's Heart accommodated the entire family as a unit.  The need is great but the resources are limited.

Sophia’s Heart encourages and strengthens families where they need it the most; truly providing a dignified space that they can call home and support services where families can experience the restorative power of hope as they work their way out of homelessness.


"We exist to help mend and heal the hearts of children and families who have been touched by poverty, sickness, broken homes and broken dreams."