Milwaukee Accomplishments


December 2013

This year has been a very productive year for Sophia’s Heart Milwaukee and your support has made it all possible!  Please join us as we celebrate our accomplishments for 2013 and our projections for the year ahead.

Sophia’s Heart Milwaukee:

Our after school Performing Arts Educational Programs continue to expand thanks to our generous donors! Under the four year leadership of Jeff Krumbein, Program Director, our programs have continued to thrive.  More than just a drop-in after school program, Sophia’s Heart is a long-term program starting in 7th & 8th grade and following kids through their High School Graduation.  Our program requires an on-going commitment from our students of three days a week of program instruction, rehearsals and performances.  We are very proud that three of our students will be graduating from High School this spring and all are going on to College!

Program Overview

Contemporary Vocal & Dance Instruction – Billboard Top 20 Songs (songs and lyrics are filtered for appropriate content)  vocal and dance instruction are integrated into program instruction and rehearsals.

Audio & Visual Arts Program – this program focus on a student directed learning program under the direction of our Audio& Visual Arts Instructor.  Classes and instruction focus on photography, videography,  sound and video production.

 Our entire program is performed and led by our students, creating opportunities for the following key program outcomes:

  • Leadership
  • Character
  • Self-esteem & Confidence
  • Team building
  • Cultural diversity
  • Educational focus
  • Positive alternative to gangs, drugs, violence
Many of our students come from a very unstable home life including poverty, substance abuse, violence and broken homes.  Our students have struggled with depression, family violence and abuse, suicide, cutting and low self esteem.  We THANK YOU, our generous donors for allowing us the opportunity to provide a positive alternative for these children.  Your support has allowed us to continue to provide this program to the children who need it the most!

Here are some highlights of 2013:

  •  Launch of our Audio and Visual Arts Program, March 2013; this program provides instruction in the areas of photography, videography, music and sound production.
  •  Addition of Andrew Ruh, as Audio & Visual Arts Instructor
  •  One hundred and forty (140) students were served this year.
  • Graduation of three (3) of our students from high school.
  • Second Annual Sophia’s Heart Gala
    • Featured Student performances with BMG Recording Artist & Sophia's Heart Founder, Danny Gokey
    • All pictures and videos we taken by the Sophia’s Heart Audio/Visual Arts students  
  • Sixteen (16) community performances were held for over 5,000 viewers including the following:
    • Martin Luther King Breakfast
    •  Children’s Hospital
    • Music In The Park
    • Northwestern Mutual
    • Gallery Night
    • “Chain of Dreams” Intergenerational Symposium
    •  Wauwatosa Tree Lighting
    •  Music Under Glass
 Projections for 2014

  • Collaboration and partnerships with key youth organizations to improve positive outcomes for the children in our community.
  • Expand our program reach to more students through a comprehensive community outreach plan and partnerships with schools and other non-profit organizations.

We would like to thank our staff, board members and volunteers for their endless hours of dedication and support!  Without your efforts, our program would not be possible! 

Thank you for taking the time to review our progress.  Sophia’s Heart is very excited to share it’s accomplishments and goals for the future with compassionate people like you.


Warm Regards,

Danny Gokey
President & Founder