The creation of Sophia's Heart Foundation was inspired by the life of an extraordinary woman whose love for children overflowed and touched the lives of countless others. Sophia was a very outgoing woman who, despite her heart condition, remained full of optimism, energy, and selflessness. During her vibrant and meaningful 27 years of life, she relayed the importance of meeting the needs of children emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

After her passing, the mission began to develop her legacy, and to share the heart she possessed, through a living continual demonstration of her love.

Sophia desired to be the mother of a large family. Although this was never realized in her lifetime, the love she had for children could not cease from existing. Her husband Daniel felt the pressing need to pass along the love they both felt for all children, and thus he became the vision for Sophia's Heart Foundation. He hopes the number of children they are able to reach through his vision will be larger than they ever imagined. 

Through uniting people, organizations, companies, and receiving charitable donations, Sophia's Heart Foundation aims to reach out and touch the hearts of children from ages 0 through 18. What these children have in common is the need for restoration in various areas of their lives.